Leveraging Existing Resources

If you are launching a farmers’ market as an added service in a community in which you are already providing services, then you already have communications channels in place to reach potential customers. You may be able to leverage those resources to help promote your farmers’ market.

If you have a site which regularly draws in community members, you can promote your farmers’ market there. The nature of the promotional outreach could range from flyers in the lobby to posters in the elevator to a looping video commercial in a waiting room depending upon your site, your audience and your capacity.

If you regularly send mail to current clients, consider adding a flyer that promotes the market to all of your recipients or adding a sticker to the outside of the envelope bringing their attention to the farmers’ market.

These types of communications resources may also exist within partner organizations that work with the same population and which share your goals. Approach them to ask for their help in using their communications network to help promote the farmers’ market. Because farmers’ markets are often viewed as community hubs, local businesses and organizations may be interested in helping you promote the market in exchange for your help promoting their work. You might offer to display their information at your information booth, allow them to set up a “community booth” at the market, or find another mutually beneficial exchange of promotion.

A Guide to Opening Small Farmers' Markets in San Jose, California