About Fresh Approach

Fresh Approach believes the fresh, healthy food grown by California farmers is an integral part of the solution to the growing problem of obesity and poor nutrition in Bay Area communities. Every day, through our educational programs, we connect low-income individuals and families with California-grown food and give them the knowledge they need to make smart diet choices because everyone, regardless of means, deserves access to fresh, healthy and affordable food.

The Food Within Reach Project is a part of that effort to make fresh and healthy food from California farmers more available in the Bay Area.

The mission of Fresh Approach is to encourage healthier children, families, and communities through community education, innovative programming, and novel partnerships that promote a stronger local food system and better-informed choices about food and nutrition.

Founded in 2008, Fresh Approach works in close partnership with the Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association and other community-based partners to connect the healthy food and local food movements in the San Francisco Bay Area through educational outreach, community engagement, and innovative programs.

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