Developing your Message

Crafting an effective message is one of the most challenging aspects of any promotional plan. One of the most important rules to remember when developing a promotional message is to create separate messages to motivate and to educate.

It can be tempting to put too much information into a promotional message: “10 reasons to shop a farmers’ market,” a list of every product available, health benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables, etc. Most consumers will spend mere seconds looking at an advertisement. An effective motivational message needs to get the most important points across as quickly and clearly as possible: a farmers’ market is open at this location on this day at this time.

Once potential customers are interested, the more in-depth educational messages that share health messages and draw on community spirit can help to draw them in. Your community’s unique makeup should be on your mind when developing any messaging, so that it can be linguistically and culturally appropriate.

The amount of room that you have for your message will also depend upon the media you use. You have much less room to get your message across on a postcard than you do in a brochure. If you are paying for advertising in a newspaper or online, you are likely paying for the amount of space that you occupy. As in all advertising, you want to be sure that your most important message, and the message most likely to be received and acted upon by your audience, is included.

A Guide to Opening Small Farmers' Markets in San Jose, California