Putting Healthy Food Within Reach for San Jose Residents


Food Within Reach is a two-year technical support program of Fresh Approach. The goal of the program is to assist community-based organizations in San Jose, California, to launch small certified farmers’ markets at sites such as schools, libraries, community centers, or churches or other religious assembly sites.

This website contains the entire technical support guide developed by Fresh Approach for the project. You can read through the guide online or download a copy to print. (Please note that printable version is current the first edition of the guide and it is just over 100 pages. This website includes updated information not yet available in the printable guide.)

In 2012, a community-led process, organized by the Health Trust, successfully changed the zoning laws in San Jose to make it easier to start small farmers’ markets. The hope is that these markets can help to make fresh fruits and vegetables more readily available in communities in which traditional food retail outlets are not adequately meeting consumers’ needs. While a farmers’ market may not be the best solution for every community, the technical assistance work of Fresh Approach’s Food Within Reach effort will be focused primarily on farmers’ markets.

This project is made possible through the generous support of the Health Trust.

This site is an interactive version of the technical support guide to planning, developing, and operating small farmers’ markets within the city of San Jose, in compliance with the City of San Jose’s new zoning rules.


A Guide to Opening Small Farmers' Markets in San Jose, California